India’s Heat Wave

For the last week, India’s southern and mid sections have been ravaged by a severe heat wave, at times topping 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Road asphalt is said to melt in places.  It isn’t quite hot enough to fry an egg on the road pavement but the temps aren’t too far from that.  To date, there have been over 2000 deaths marking it as the 5th deadliest heat wave in recorded history.  There is relief coming as monsoon rains will cool things off within the week.  Yet the heat continues to affect millions. My prayer along with yours would be that Indians would find relief with cooler temps, to be adequately hydrated and to continue to make a living (as most just can’t take days off because laboring each day is a necessity for families to survive).  In addition our prayer, hopefully, is that Hindus and Muslims would find the Lord Jesus Christ as the Shepherd and Overseer of their souls.

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